Real Numbers!

By: Cait D. We have seen the effects of pesticides on the human body, and we know that eating organically is the healthier lifestyle; however, is there any way to truly measure your body’s pesticide ingestion? Pesticides are found on even products labeled as “natural”, or “made with organic ingredients”. If it’s not USDA Organic [...]

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Limit Things so that You Can Explore the Universe of Them More Completely

As undergraduate art students are taught, it is necessary to limit the scope of the work they are doing in order to be able to accomplish a reasonably well finished piece of art.  To start out with the idea of making a painting is too overwhelming.  A painter needs to start out at least with [...]

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Indian Cuisine is the Brahmin of Vegetarian Cooking

I have experimented with many different types of cooking, from Chinese to Mexican, and a lot of the non-European cuisines have something to offer in terms of flavor. However, none comes close to the variety and depth of flavor that Indian cooking achieves.

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