Carnivorous Plants and Vegetarian People

If even plants are not vegetarian, then how can people refuse to eat meat?  The question really isn’t how, but why.  Actually, the problem extends much beyond carnivorous plants.  Many animals eat each other.  Cats and dogs are fuzzy and cute, but make no mistake that they are killers.  Their ancestors, anyway, actually hunted, killed, and ate other animals to feed themselves.  Most of our ancestors, for that matter, killed animals for food.  So why do so many people make the choice to give up something that so many other animals do instinctively?

Given these facts, and given the fact that we seem naturally inclined to like animal flesh, there would seem to be no reason in nature for giving up the eating of other animals.  However, most people recoil in horror at the idea of eating other people, when in reality, other people are no fundamentally, physically different from other animals.  Humans are made of the same organic compounds, the same proteins, minerals, and molecules as are the bodies of other animals.  And it strikes many people as perfectly normal to eat a cow’s or a pig’s flesh even though that flesh side by side with human flesh is nearly identical.

If cows or pigs looked like humans, it seems doubtful whether people would still feel so inclined to eat them.  So, why do people continue to consume animals when they really are so similar to us?

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