It’s Finally Acceptable to be a LUSH

Everyday, we hear the awful things that animals endure just to test our beauty products. There are few companies that claim to be entirely vegan and even fewer that actually are. Recently on a trip to Boston, I noticed a store called Lush packed with beauty products that claimed to be just that- vegan to the core. I figured this deserved some investigation.

At first glance, everything seemed to be concurrent with what they were saying. On each label was the message “FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS,” next to which it said “Vegan.” So far so good.¬† As I got home and hopped on my laptop, I decided to check this company out further. Officially started in 1995, Lush sought out to use only organic and fresh products that had no effect on animals. They started their first store in London and continued to grow into a global company with stores in over 40 countries. As their company grew and they began to have a serious voice, they realized that it was time that they started taking a stand against animal cruelty. Lush actively supports the saving of the sharks and seals, as well as a nuclear free world. In addition to doing their part vocally, they also do their part physically. To package their products, they only use recycled materials and give you the option to forgo packaging all together if possible. They also¬†monitor with other companies where they receive their materials to ensure that all aspects of their business are as environmentally friendly as possible.

So now that we have the big picture, we can focus on what it is that Lush actually makes. To put it simply, they have everything you need to turn your bathroom into a personal spa. Soaps, hair products, skincare, and perfumes all fall on their inventory list. One thing that caught my eye was their henna hair dye. It’s literally the only hair dye you can find that’s all natural. I still wasn’t entirely convinced myself so I went on YouTube where Lush has an entire channel with tons of videos talking about their products, their beliefs, and their stores. They had a step by step video detailing how to use henna hair dye properly and effectively. Animal friendly and informative? I didn’t know such a thing could exist!

Log on to to find the closest store to you. They have over 700 locations so you have no excuse not to check it out!

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