Don’t Go Green With Envy This Christmas, Go Green With Your Shopping

By: Caitlin L.

If you can find the energy to get off the couch after a little too much eating the day after Thanksgiving, perhaps you’ll brave the stores for some Black Friday shopping. Year after year you beat yourself up over Christmas shopping. You want to find the most perfect, unique gifts for all of your friends and family. I know how it goes because I go through the same battle every holiday season, usually settling on a mediocre gift the week before December 25th. This year, I vow to start early on my shopping and I want to help you do the same. I did some research to find the coolest, most eco-friendly gifts I could find for every personality, even your wacky aunt who won’t be happy with any gift found at the local mall.

For the Gadget Guru: The emonitor from Powerhouse Dynamics is the latest and greatest in energy saving. This electronic miracle leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to identifying where you are wasting energy. It tracks every outlet and let’s you know how big of a carbon footprint you make when you leave the bathroom light on all night. Phantom energy will no longer be haunting your house with this in your hand.

For the Fashionista: Brand Ecoist is the innovator in making handbags from repurposed materials. They use everything from candy wrappers to soda cans as the base for their bags. The weaving technique that they use is fashionable and functional; you would never know that this stuff was ever marked as trash. To add to an already great gift, Ecoist will plant a tree for every handbag sold. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

For the Trailblazer: For those of us that love roughing it in the wilderness, roughing it just got more comfortable. The Blue Beech 450 sleeping bag from Vaude is the real deal when it comes to camping gear. It’s made from lyocell fiber from tree pulp to ensure that you stay dry through the night. The Blue Beech is also composed of three layers and a pillow pocket so that you may forget that you’re not in the comfort of your own bed.

For the Person that Doesn’t Want Anything: You know who I’m talking about. It’s usually your mom or your grandmother who cannot give you a straight answer when you ask them about their ideal gift. That’s when you have to enlist a little creativity and give them something from the heart. On Oceana’s website you can adopt a sea animal and make that donation in someone else’s name. Worried that your special someone won’t have anything to unwrap on Christmas morning? Have no fear, upon making the donation, you get a cookie cutter sent on the mail to you in the shape of the animal that you adopted, along with an exclusive sugar cookie recipe. Everyone wins!

For your Little Bro: What kid doesn’t love candy? And what babysitter doesn’t love a kid kept busy for hours on end? Glee Glum has formulated an all natural candy making kit. Kids can make gum, chocolate, or gummies while learning about a healthy environment and fun science. Your little chemist will keep him/herself occupied and stay out of your hair. What could be better!

So now that you have a couple ideas, happy shopping! Here’s to being done early and getting the chance to actually enjoy the holiday season!

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