Let’s go Back to our Roots

By: Caitlin L.

As anyone with a calendar can see, we are in the month of November. That means we are just a few short weeks away from the only holiday devoted solely to eating- Thanksgiving. Although I cannot imagine a Thanksgiving without a turkey, I know many have lived their whole lives celebrating without the large bird as the centerpiece for their dinner table. This got me thinking.

I wanted to inform myself about a healthier Thanksgiving dinner. I began to do a little research about tasty, organic, meat-free dishes for the holiday, and was interested to find that our Pilgrim ancestors ate a lot less meat than I realized. When I think of the Pilgrims I picture hunting and fishing, and men walking miles in all sorts of weather with their kills carried on their back. Obviously I have a narrow view of these people’s daily lives. It turns out that they ate meat only 30% of the time and relied on crops that they grew for the rest. Maybe the Pilgrims really had something with this whole living off the land thing.

Now I don’t expect anyone to head into the fields and harvest their own crops this Thanksgiving, but perhaps an organic holiday isn’t such a bad idea. For one, it’s a healthier alternative to your traditional meal. Farmers growing organic are a lot more conscious about how they grow their food and how it is handled. It also doesn’t hurt to buy your food local. You support your community while at the same time knowing exactly where your food came from. Let’s go organic this Thanksgiving, not just for the environment, but for ourselves. If our ancestors could do it, so can we.

Check out these recipes for Thanksgiving meal ideas:



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