Real Numbers!

By: Cait D.

We have seen the effects of pesticides on the human body, and we know that eating organically is the healthier lifestyle; however, is there any way to truly measure your body’s pesticide ingestion?

Pesticides are found on even products labeled as “natural”, or “made with organic ingredients”. If it’s not USDA Organic Approved, it most likely contains pesticides. It may be a minute amount, but overtime these tiny amounts can add up.

Local organic food chain Organic Valley has added a pesticide calculatoror to their company website. Customers can view the average pesticide count on the products they typically buy, and can view the total number of pesticides avoided by buying 100% organic products.

The online calculator entitled “Organic Counts”, shows that ‘Organic Valley farmers and consumers kept a collective 89.5 million pounds of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer and 1.25 million pounds of synthetic pesticides and herbicides from America’s soil and water from 1988 to 2008.’*

Customers can use this interactive calculator to choose items that they would normally buy at their local Organic Valley food stores and drag them into a virtual grocery basket. When they are finished, the system calculates the amount of pesticides a customer avoided by purchasing organic products.

The numbers are shocking, and if that’s not enough to kick start the organic movement, I’m not sure what is.

Intrigued? Take a look how many pesticides are in your shopping cart.

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