Vegetarian Food-Fast!

By: Cait D.

As rewarding as vegetarianism is, the truth is, it can be a pain. Preparing vegetarian meals at home is no problem, but dining out can be just plain difficult.

I watched as my friend bit her lip at our company dinner at the Outback Steakhouse trying to decide if she should order a side of vegetables or opt for a dessert as her meal. (It seems that even the side salads contain at least a half pound of meat.)

She has struggled for the past year on becoming what she calls a “flexitarian”, where people choose to eat mostly vegetarian meals, but do not refuse meals containing meat in certain situations, or in my friend’s case, when offered to her by the very Italian mother of her new boyfriend.

“The look on her face was pure disappointment when I passed on the chicken parmesan and opted for spaghetti, without the meat sauce”, she explained in complete frustration.

While I’m not sure if I can help those with an Italian boyfriend, I would like to help those stuck at  chain restaurants, ordering a glass of water and a side of broccoli.

Check out this link,

It has almost every chain restaurant you can think of, and can tell you what menu items are vegan, vegetarian, and even what oils are used in some restaurants. An awesome resource for the struggling vegetarian!

As for my friend, I say stick to Caesar salad.

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