Farm Aid 2010 —> Check it Out!

By: Cait D

Farm Aid, an organization working to support the existence of small farms in the United States, is putting on their annual Farm Aid concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This day-long event scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 2nd, is said to have over 25 artists performing, including the founders of the Farm Aid organizations Willie Nelson, John Melloncamp and Neil Young. The Farm Aid organization began in 1985 through the hard work of the three recording artists and was later joined by Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Dave Matthews, who also runs and operates a small farm in Virginia.

I feel strongly that supporting our local family farms not only strengthen our communities but our economy as well. Many of these local farms use organic soil and minimum to no pesticides, making the food on our table healthier, purer, and more delicious!

Family farmers have suffered the most during this fiscal crisis and thousands of farmers are forced off their land year after year. Larger, factory farms are making smaller family farms virtually extinct, not to mention threatening the environment with their use of mass-pesticides.

Farm Aid came to my home state of Massachusetts two years ago and I attended out of curiosity and a love for Dave Matthews Band. Aside from the amazing live performances but on by some of the largest names in music history, the festival was phenomenal too.

The camaraderie between farmers and the bustling of commerce left a buzz of excitement around the venue. Instead of selling hot dogs and fried dough there was corn on the cob and seasoned vegetables, and replacing $9 dollar beer carts were donation tables surrounded by people from children to elders ready to give and support their local small farms.

All in all, if your in the area, or feel like making a road trip, this festival is a must-see! Great food, great music, and a fantastic cause!

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