Organic, or not Organic…That is the question.

The vegetarian lifestyle has been around for centuries, but the recent green movement has certainly played a large role in the lifestyle choice today. We now have the technology to see the effects of food on our body overtime, and can see that the many of the popular foods our generation consumed such as processed foods, trans fats, and refined sugars, can lead to several health risks. We’ve recently discovered the link between pesticides found on vegetables and certain types of cancers and illnesses. Diets rich in vegetables have always been the healthiest route, but are vegetarians now at a larger risk for these pesticide-linked illnesses? Is it better to go organic?

The Green train is on the move, and vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike are jumping on board. Pesticide-free farms are better for the environment, but do they really make that much of a difference when it comes to our health, or are we throwing money out the window?

Is it worth the extra dollars?

It has been tested and documented that the amount of pesticide residue that lies on our fruits and vegetables in the stores of our conventional food markets is insignificant and  causes no harm to one’s health. Still, studies have shown that when examining the lifestyles of patients with certain types of cancers and leukemia, there was a stronger correlation between those without organic lifestyles than those with.

Any other benefits?

Aside from the peace in knowing our fruits and vegetables have not been previously contaminated in pesticides before being brought into the homes of our families for our children to eat, the quality of organic food is unlike anything bought from a corner-cutting supermarket. The fruit juices are sweeter, the vegetables taste fresher and the milk is richer. Many people have said that after living an organic lifestyle for a few months, they wake up earlier, feel less tired, and feel their immune system is twice as strong.

It remains a personal (or economical) choice. What’s your opinion?

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