Veggie on a Budget

By: Caitlin L. It seems that we are entering yet another year in a dismal economy. I don’t mean to be the Debbie Downer of the bunch but we cannot ignore the truth. This can only mean that we have to pinch pennies and clip coupons in all aspects of everyday life- including food. Being a [...]

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The Brown Bag Blues

By: Caitlin L. It’s 10:00 at night. You have to be at work at 9:00 tomorrow morning. Having to figure out  the next day’s lunch is the last think you want to worry about so you you bag up some veggies, maybe some hummus, a few wheat crackers and you throw it in the fridge. [...]

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It’s Finally Acceptable to be a LUSH

Everyday, we hear the awful things that animals endure just to test our beauty products. There are few companies that claim to be entirely vegan and even fewer that actually are. Recently on a trip to Boston, I noticed a store called Lush packed with beauty products that claimed to be just that- vegan to [...]

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The Faces Making Vegan Cool

I know that many of you out there consider yourself the premier vegan chef this side of the Mississippi. No need to be modest now, I’ve seen you watching the Food Network, chopping celery faster than a Japanese hibachi chef. But the truth is, as good as I’m sure you are, there are people out [...]

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Bake Til You Drop

By: Caitlin L. Tis the season for baking. No matter how much you hate it or try to avoid it, chances are that for some event or another, you need to pop at least one batch of cookies into the oven. But here’s the problem- not all your friends share the same animal friendly practices [...]

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Don’t Go Green With Envy This Christmas, Go Green With Your Shopping

By: Caitlin L. If you can find the energy to get off the couch after a little too much eating the day after Thanksgiving, perhaps you’ll brave the stores for some Black Friday shopping. Year after year you beat yourself up over Christmas shopping. You want to find the most perfect, unique gifts for all of your [...]

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The Lazy Vegan’s Basic Recipes For Thanksgiving

By: Caitlin D So let’s face it, the holiday season is not exactly the healthiest time of year. From the never ending appetizers, to the traditionally heavy holiday dishes, it can be hard to stick to our healthy diet and lifestyle. Thanksgiving can be especially difficult for vegans and vegetarians as the main dish revolves [...]

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Vegan or Bust

By: Caitlin L. I know that most vegetarians have thought about it. It gives you the ability to use the Earth as your cafeteria, brag that your diet is 100% “green” and count animals as friends, not a food group. That’s right, it’s veganism. Whether or not this scares you or excites you, it’s safe [...]

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New England Vegetarians Unite!

The 15th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is just around the corner!  The annual event is sponsored by the Boston Vegetarian Society, an all-volunteer non-profit organization that seeks to increase awareness of the vegetarian lifestyle as well as advance the way of life. The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is open to all people of all [...]

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Real Numbers!

By: Cait D. We have seen the effects of pesticides on the human body, and we know that eating organically is the healthier lifestyle; however, is there any way to truly measure your body’s pesticide ingestion? Pesticides are found on even products labeled as “natural”, or “made with organic ingredients”. If it’s not USDA Organic [...]

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